How best can music 🎶 enhances sports outcomes?

Practical function

On a critical note while observing the children today during their drum set 🥁 lessons I noticed many were slow to pickup with the coordinative movements of simultaneously moving both hands and both legs.

I watched with some greater attention one person after the other pass bye with some thoughts in mind.

This means when we properly enhance such lessons there would be some awesome and rapid results of the coordinative abilities during sports training.
It will enhance a greater simulation of the body parts and the brain 🧠.

No sooner did we get to the simulative exercises that showed same results like that of the music class.

The question now is how best can music 🎶 enhances sports outcomes?

Let work on this together.
Here we are, to get the simulation in sports after an interesting music class.

Often times we get scared of acknowledging what we experience and see during most of our training sessions and competitions thinking that we must force our athletes to respond only on what is written in books.

At one point we forget that what is written in books is someone’s training sessions, experiences and outcomes on his own environment while implementing his/her professional duties.

Some of which are not standardized like ours rather with imaginary situations.

We must at all times build that confidence and trust that we too can observe, implement and export our “own” outcomes for others to use.

No one is better than us because the greatest books, theories, ideas, research…. Are found during our training sessions and competitions.

This cuts across professions, let’s trust in ourselves.

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