This is the personal observation of one of our parent

This is the personal observation of one of our parents,
thank you very much for this great presentation.

Memory and coordination.

The ability to not just recall an exercise or assignment, but also to be well coordinated enough to execute it. I see they have to not just touch the cones randomly, but the instructions are designed to have the right hand on the red, and left hand on the green.

It’s not just about a touching both cones, but making sure you are touching the right color with the right hand. That way even when they are reversed like the 4th pair, you can see them cross their hands to match as instructed. As to where and how it can be applied, Coordination is very important when observing an opponent’s tendencies and abilities on the floor.

Also when executing a game plan. There are many street ballers out there, but few smart player who can actually play organized basketball or any sport.

Coordination goes beyond just eating, reading, walking and speaking habits. As kids when matching, we are taught “left-right….” etc while swinging arms in a specific way. Those are basics of Coordination.

Memory Building,

Being able to recall what was asked of you, and still find a way to execute the plan even when circumstances change is very important.
That helps guide one in their respective discipline to stay the course and be successful in what they set out to achieve.
In programing, this is like breaking down a code into simple blocks and working your way to a complex end but joining the individual blocks (pieces of information) When everything is put together, success becomes attainable.

I could write more, but this is the little I thought to share from this exercise.

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