“Coach, is that the man in the picture?” One of our little girls asked, “Yes dear he is,” I answered. I felt so fulfilled after this, that a small child could see the realities of a picture right infront of her. He is Pascal Siakam she could not believe a picture was real, right Infront of her and she could shake hands with him.

“Let me greet you” another little boy said as Pascal stretched his hands to him. Tears ran down my cheeks, I noticed my burden has increased. Our children need to satisfy their wishes in the smallest possible way.

“I have taken a snap shot with that man number 43 on the picture”; another child cried out loud but the “only thing is that I didn’t play”; “coach why did they not allowed us just to hold the ball”, another child asked; “don’t worry” I replied, however my own worries starts; to make sure he touches the ball soonest.

While all these occurrences where going on between my children of the Volcanic Warriors Sports and Recreational Academy Children’s Programme Buea and I; Pascal and his team could not bear leaving these children go back to Buea without his hand of fellowship and appreciation to the children who came all the way from Buea to Douala to improve on the dreams they long for.

“Please wait” an administrator called back on us, “we are so touch you all left Buea to Douala just for this” , 37 of us among 23 children with lots of quest, inclusive. We were given a great snap shot, balls, transportation and among all – “a heart ❤️ that felt the words from the children so deep”-. “I will be back next year and I keep you in my heart” said Pascal and his administration team.

While I stayed behind for other assignments I followed every movement of the “tyres as it climbed back to the original foot of Mount Cameroon (Fako)”. No sooner did they arrive, I saw their parents pasting the picture of the number 43 player of Toronto Raptors that was actually seen and greeted by the children.

All these “called me back” to recall the words of my great nobles, “travelling is a school.”

That was just what I wished for my children of the Volcanic Warriors Sports and Recreational Academy Children’s Programme Buea to build a mindset and meet up with the times like their peers elsewhere. I know they have. You touched me deeply children, thank you for the classes you have taught me over time. I love you All and God bless you.

Coach IEM (IF)
Copy rights Ifose’s Foundation (IF)


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