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In the past, play and fun were integral to children’s growth. However, due to the current uncertainties and unrest in the South West Region, coupled with a strong Western influence, children are confined to their homes, leading to prolonged screen time and a decline in physical activity and talent exploration. This lack of exposure to play may contribute to some children later engaging in unproductive challenges, turning to drugs, and succumbing to various vices. There is the need to bring a pathway to bridge this gap in a holistic and enjoyable manner to
increase the interest of the children

The IFOSE’S FOUNDATION (IF) through the Volcanic Warriors Sports and Recreational Academy has used Multi-Sports and Socio-cultural activities as a gateway to push children to play, discover what talent and skills they posse, assist in exposing more of these components, and guide them to use these abilities as professional or use them to impact their communities and the world at large.


Since 1992, the IFOSE’S FOUNDATION (IF) through The Volcanic Warriors Sports and Recreational Academy has been using sports and socio-cultural activities as a platform to transmit intellectual, physical, moral/ethical, spiritual, and social values has been the vision of a man. Stretching or extending the potential of these children beyond the physical to the moral, psychological components to challenge their innate and yet to discover hidden talents.

Sports in general and basketball, in particular, has been a challenge in the South West Region, precisely, in the Fako Division. Exposure to sports and socio-cultural activities has been limited in this part of the country, the few showing interest were limited in opportunities, challenged by socio-cultural realities. The environment (human resource and infrastructure) were additional limiting factors.

Today, the IFOSE’S FOUNDATION (IF) through the Volcanic Warriors Sports and Recreational Academy has a Children’s Programme, a socio-cultural and Sports Academy with two of its teams at the National Elite One in Basketball, Regional League in Futsal, an Old persons sports group and many outreach programs in the Basic and Secondary Educations sectors.

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