Sports and Physical Education Seminar for Catholic Schools and Colleges

In a bid to promote sports, cultural, and artistic entrepreneurship in our Catholic Schools and Colleges in the Diocese of Buea, the Catholic Educational Secretariat through its dynamic Secretary under the supervision of the Bishop of Buea continues with seminars after Buea in September, this time in Tiko and Limbe respectively on Monday 27th November 2023.

These seminars had over 200(two hundred) teachers brought together in these respective towns as instructor and facilitator Coach IFOSE Emile MBELLA and his team.

Knowing the high demand of the practice and effective teaching of sports and physical education in our schools, the educational secretary targeted the teachers of these establishments.

The instructor reminded the teachers on child development based on the first and second body changes under the physical, biological, and psychological characteristics. They further went on by presenting to the teachers the different ways to acquire abilities, skills, and techniques for children, and talked about workload. Emphasis was made on the coordinative abilities, speed, and explosive power, including some exercises to achieve these goals from children.
Above all, introducing the teachers on the development of children based on ages and stages. Known as the Athletes Long Term Development (LTD).

This was followed with a series of practical exercises using the receptive organs and the senses of the eyes (optical), ears (acoustic), hands (tactile), movements (kinesthetic), and balance (vestibular).

So many colorful objects were used in these games, and practical skills, abilities, and techniques were gained.

While ensuring we succeed in this objective through follow up and constant guidance of the teachers, we remain very optimistic with the future outcomes of our students and pupils of our schools towards their educational holistic development to face future challenges. ”


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