Sports, Cultural and Artistic Entrepreneurship for children and Adherents in schools, colleges and universities

The nature of the Programme:

This programme is an integral part of the education of our children (pupils and students in primary, secondary and universities) of early level of development as many stakeholders, parents, job providers, life and societal demands struggle to update/upgrade our present educational system to enable our children pick up abilities, skills and techniques to meet up present challenges.

Furthermore, the programme is known in recent times as co-curricular studies in schools, colleges and universities. It is a full section like that of the academy arm and has a lead role to play as most of our children are guided on how to blend theory and practice, words and actions, thoughts and work above all to become creative and self-employed – faith in action.

The naming of this academy/ institutions goes along with this unique nature from ALL other institutions in the community and country; This programme is to bring kids to ignite, improve and develop their talent.. These children will have a one on one contact with a workshop facilitator.

In this light, the programme entails the recruitment of huge and very qualified personnel to enable the flow of abilities, skills and techniques in sports, cultural and artistic entrepreneurialship to the children (pupils and students) alongside the acquisition of huge, updated, adequate materials and equipment to bring out quality and proper output from the trainees (pupils and students). All activities are based on seeing, touching and doing rather than listening and coping. This is what, was described in previous times as informal education. Therefore the children are open to the formal, non formal and informal methods of education

From the above points, it is clear that, children/adherents (pupils and students of primary and secondary schools, to a greater extend the University) are supposed to acquire knowledge while on campus through the formal, the non-formal and the informal education methods to enable them become job creators rather than job seekers.

It can be seen as in recent times how government has been running seminars and training programmes to start this programme in our government run institutions through schools which are pilot center, this is still to gain grounds.

Meanwhile at the University milieu it is a full programme that prompts all State Owned Universities, Higher Institutions and Private Owned Higher Institutions for yearly a competition on these activities with sponsorships, handsome prices and promotion of winners are witness. Still to gain it’s required grounds.

Moreover private owned schools and colleges are coming up in the country with teaching towards this direction. It is known that All the government and private nursery and primary schools we visited in Buea Sub – Division to share this programme with the children have for the past years used the images as part of the publicity of their schools.

The coordinator of the programme in our organization was among the founder and designer of the initial project, he has under gone Academy studies up to the University in education at the Masters level, studied sports sciences with many certifications in Sports Sciences specialty Basketball, Professional studies as a Senior Youth and Action Counsellor, exposure from other countries with experiences as an administrator, teaching in the classroom, sports ground, coordinating skill building, ability and techniques, training programmes for over thirty years. He is an expert in child development in skills, ability and techniques.

In addition all facilitators recruited in the programme are experts with very long experiences in their various fields, seminars, workshops and demonstration classes are often carried out by the team of workers to better transfer these skills, abilities and techniques to the pupils and students.

However, it has been observed that some administrators, stakeholders, teachers and financial personnels are still to comprehend with the importance of this progrogramme as they find it as a means of financial waste and unnecessary expenditures and waste of time to children due to their social and cultural settings (where and how they grew up) which is a contrary view of the parents, guardians and sponsors who send their children to this programme. We are all aware that much more is still to be desired on these aspects (sports and cultural entrepreneurial activities) by most of our people in the side of the country.

This notwithstanding we have had appreciation, recommendation and support from so some administrators, teachers, parents and above all the students who are the main actors, on the present level of the programme that make us motivated though more is still to be desired.

Therefore rather than seeing facilitators, trainers, coaches and guides of this programme as gold diggers in the system, they should be seen as part of the educational team, hence be motivated like all other staff to easily carry out their task. The faster we make good of this in ALL our schools as pace setters the better while hoping to be used as a pilot center in the Country for others to copy.

Certain particularities of the programme includes

i. Ignite, Improve and develop the talents of kids.
ii. Strictly co-curricular, practice (Activity Hands on).
iii. Children will have a one on one contact with a workshop facilitator
iv. Monthly evaluation of facilitators by adherents (level engagement)
v. Expecting practical results from adherents
vi. Students facilitators would be tied up with main facilitator
vii. An assessment report of adherents would be drafted after every two months.


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