The role of Basketball (sports) in the educational development of youngsters


“Many of these young people are children and teenagers for whom basketball can be an excellent educational opportunity for their athletic, personal and social development. Among other things, basketball should serve to develop values that help make our future adults better citizens, stimulating the peaceful and respectful coexistence of the people and countries of the twenty – first century”. Boristav Stankovic 2000
Development of personal and social values

1. Commitment
2. Perseverance
3. Personal Responsibilities Within the Group
4. Team Work
5. Respecting the Rules
6. Respecting others
7. Learning to Complete

Development of Psychological Resources

1. Cognitive Development
2. Perception of Control
3. Self – Confidence
4. Self – Concept and Self-Esteem
5. Self – Control

Positive Experiences

1. Fun
2. Skills Mastery
3. Achievement of appealing goals.
4. Social recognition from coaches and teammates
6. Rewarding inner experiences ( positive feeling, personal satisfaction, pride)
7. Feeling social support from coaches and teammates
– Athletic Development
– Health enhancement through the practice of Basketball

From the Gross to Fine Motor Skills

We repeat almost the same drills in different forms over and over for a while but with different expectations.

1. Watching on their ball handling.
2. How they can change the ball from one hand to the next.
3. The ease at which they move with the ball.
4. How best they can dribble the ball without looking at it.
5. What level of progress has been attained etc.

In a nutshell, we work them out from the gross motor skills to the fine motor skills
It absolutely takes a while as we progress. We also guide them with some watch words or phrases.

In this process some sensory receptors are very active like the eyes (vision), the ears (hearing), touching (tectile), movements (kinesthetics) and vestibular.

Through these the child starts building some great mental attributes like creativity, listening, balance, persistence, patience, perseverance, tolerance, self confidence and above all resilience/mental toughness.

This is a brief process on how sports is being technically transferred/assist/enhances to basic life skills in children.

Watch our videos and test if you can evaluate their outcomes in terms of their level of progress.

Ifose Emile M.

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