A Deep reflection on the Elite

A Deep reflection on the Elite

Today is Wednesday 11/01/2023 thousands of seconds, hundred of minutes, tens of hours after Sundays Board Of Directors meeting by the Cameroon Basketball Federation in Douala.

It is just now I could put down this reflection at exactly 8:59 pm which suddenly came to me at 7:15 am in Buea.

I wish to thank the hundreds of Young boys and girls who played for Volcanic Warriors Basketball Academy Buea from 2000 to 2023 at the elite one alongside all coaches. The only team that has stand the test of time and never dropped for any reason. We played even when others could not meet up financially, when regional leagues where not properly organized, when institutions could no longer managed their teams and dropped or desolve and when teams were still to desire the Elite One in Cameroon.

We stood the test of time despite all odds, keeping our faith. We stood as the only team that would change almost all players yearly but could still maintain standards. Had it been we could combine and maintained the players of the teams we come up with yearly, we could have been the best team in the country and we should have also won all matches too. Even at the depth of the crisis in the region we still went for competitions without any break with over 30 persons on each trip.

Today most Leagues are fairly organized, with teams having better financial means and many persons eying for the elite one, we are gradually quitting.

We wouldn’t be able to respect the games of the 20th January 2023 in Douala since all our players are involved in exams at the University till the 20/01/2023.

However things are gradually returning back like in the 80s and 90s were the elite one was composed of the center, the littoral and to an extent the west. We shall be seen in meetings and gathering.

We thought teams in the center should have gotten their 4 places managing it, likewise the Littoral 3 places and the rest of us 1, 2 or 3 places but it doesn’t seem like we thought.

Even though we could not win a game, we were a catalyst in the upgrading of most “big” teams, they had to prepare very well before meeting us, because we could create surprises at any given time. Most of them shall miss us.

My accounting lessons taught me that most successful businesses also have plants that bring losses, their presence is necessary for the greater growth of the company, never eliminate them because the company might face challenges.

Thanks to all those who supported us during this process and may the Exco of FECABASKET who stood strongly behind us, never forget our “minor” leagues and let the “big” leagues enjoy their stay at the elites with some of our players.

We wish the best to all the teams at this level.


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