Coach IFOSE Emile celebrates over three Decades in Basketball Coaching and Sports Expert.

Coach IFOSE Emile MBELLA celebrates over three (3) Decades in Basketball Coaching and Sports Expert.

“I have attained three decades and above old as a basketball Coach”.

Remembering my exploit in Volcanic Warriors Sports and Recreational Academy – Children’s Programme then Florrisima Basketball Club to Volcanic Warriors Basketball Club in 1992, BHS 1994/1995, then later to BIROCOL, Sasse 1998 continue adding your list.

I was privileged to sit on the bench in the Era of prominent basketball coaches like Caoch Essimbi Ethel-UCAC Yaounde , Coach Kurfonkou Lucien – Dschang, Coach Njiki – Douala, Coach Yambde Njambou – Yaounde, Coach Awama – Ebolowa, Coach Makon – Douala, Coach Essele Vondo – Bertoua, Coach Momo – Bafoussam, Coach Marouf – Garoua, Coach Mekongo – Yaounde , Coach Oba – Yaounde, Coaches Zedong Ettiene – Yaounde and Allain -Douala, Coach Maliki – Maroua, Coach Cyprin Cho – Bamenda, Coach Foujio – Ngaoundere, etc

I am sure of the consistent, innovative, increase in activities, always thinking of constructive expansion, dynamism and flexibility that I have being over these years.

Using the virtues of patience, persistence, perseverance and above all tolerance. Enjoyed the Privileged to have studied basketball and sports sciences constantly in some Universities in European and the United States since 2013. With a very large exposure that makes me see sports differently.

Today as an Accountant, Senior Youth and Action Counsellor, A senior Sports Instructor, a Psychologist, Teacher etc with over three (3) decades studying simultaneously as I practice, I am gradually coming up with some few concepts. what is certain is that we have expanded slowly with a large experience in child formation.


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