The need for multiple sports disciplines for children

Different sports disciplines give different actions, movements, and gestures, all of these impact the balance of children through their
physical, psychological, intellectual, social, and moral well-being. These sports disciplines like athletics, tennis, dance karate that we
have started with and later gymnastics touch all these five aspects mentioned above. Often, sports schools do not go on these
aspect due to its expensive nature though more efficient/effective, to another group one coach claims to know it All, and to others still ignorant about it. An important aspect of this is that different coaches in their different sports disciplines will use different methods to get the same objectives sometimes some repetitions would occur that would edify the child who gains more. We are gradually getting to export these ideas worldwide. It might take time but we believe it is certain. Let’s keep on working.

In my economic lessons choice often goes along with an alternative. There cannot be a choice without an alternative or variety. “My child likes handball”, what were the alternatives before choosing handball? I believe love for one item will come properly and most often after comparing with other varieties, other alternatives. Let us give the children varieties to make choices.

Most of the games used and properly practiced by our parents in the past which gave them the extra competencies they enjoy today are being used by modern sports science as drills while to others minor games. We must learn at all times to keep strongly, in confidence, trust and honour what we make in Africa. Most of what they did was not written but as intercontinental exchange continued our peers in the Western Continent picked them up and transferred them into writings and today we read them as modern science boosting we studied out of the country while it is all ours. We must teach our children to transfer their thoughts, actions and deeds into writings and make them understand they are the greatest contributors to modern science. They must fight against the fear of the unknown and challenge themselves by working consistently to bring positive and reasonable change over sitting for long hours Infront of the television screen. The secrets of the world are hidden in books and those who read are not alone.

Most of us run away from our callings because we all are chasing “wealth” and “wellbeing”. This is a relative aspect because to some, the “wealth” and “wellbeing” is money but to others it is the satisfaction they gain in what they do. In the latter situation, it should not be opportunities for them to be exploited or pushed behind, rather they should be well and properly assisted because such vacations are tender, and we need to always support these dedicated and simple persons. I love the way this coach works with children between 2 and 6 years old. This is a calling, it is a vocation. This gives me absolute joy, having the right persons to deliver to the children. I am moved with the passion that the children are using to learn these skills, thanks you, thank you.

The most challenging situation in our homes is that we minimize children, please don’t, they have amazing brains, always indirectly involve them in decision-making at home, take time often to observe them critically in their actions and always ask them questions, they are amazing, they are great, they are natural geniuses. Enjoy them here
Introduction to basketball, the five receptive attributes in relation to the interpretation of the Brain in reaction to the body to give out an action, the jump stop and the six steps of shooting. We continue from here. Freely question the children if they know these.

Very few persons have the gift to know children are not small adults rather they are special in the practice for what they know best. They have the potential to do better than adults, they need guidance, confidence, and encouragement and trust for whom they are, and this video says it all. We love what we do and enjoy the people Infront of us. They are the best. The very little once are also ready and are getting it, they make the least effort to get a big outcome

We take our time for each child as we encourage them while they make big steps and support them to get to the next level. Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Tolerance stands high as our nature to make others get better. We are not the best but always want to be, that is why we improve on our skills, materials and personnel always. We believe in change and we are ready in receiving opinions that build us to serve better. We believe in quality not quantity, we believe in the power of ONE.

The greatest challenge in recent time is to correct our children; we are emotionally over taken by certain feelings of fear in the process
and forget the futuristic long run sleepless nights when as youths these challenges are not solved. We should keep our emotions away
and properly ask them, to make corrections with strict guidance and respect to their rights. Our coaches can do so with so much fun while
passing the right skills in them. They know this best

Many people wonder what we do, we aim at getting the persons Infront of us for who they are to get them to what they want to be, we don’t deform, we don’t deny, we don’t change what they should or want to be rather we guide and facilitate their dreams and wishes to
become real, we are guides, facilitators or coaches. The simplicity, dedication, devotedness, passion, zeal … of our coaches to get the
children to their best moves me greatly we are not the best but always aiming to be the best.

In coaching as Parenting we hold the hands of the children, this can be done through physical actions like on this video or through the
power of words and to other through constructive and recommended punishment. This is as a way to ignite, to left up, to build hopes, to
change a generation from a simple act. The holding of hands. As future adults they would never forget little beginnings, which will
stimulate and capture the need for real values. The little beginning matters.

We encourage the Parents who can afford these instruments at home to do so; this will enhance our work and help the children greatly to
better transform the knowledge gained



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